In our nearly 15-year history, LMG has established a reputation as a go-to firm for bet-the-company (or industry) controversies and has represented the major players in telecom, tech, film, music, aerospace, defense, financial services and many others. Led by former staff directors and general counsels of the House Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform Committees, the firm’s sweet spot is in the intersection of the legal, political and communications worlds.

The firm has led campaigns that resulted in landmark victories in matters as varied as the Comcast - NBCU merger, Boeing’s successful legal battle against Airbus over illegal subsidies in the WTO, the launch of the Copyright Alert System, the Future of TV Coalition's high-stakes campaign against FCC set-top box mandates, Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and other industries.

We are lawyers, political strategists, campaign communicators, public relations experts and digital media specialists working together to integrate policy depth, political nuance, messaging expertise and coalition management into full-service issue advocacy campaigns. We are a multi-disciplinary, full-service firm, made up of diverse individuals who have cut their teeth on the front lines of some of the most high-profile public policy and legal battles of our time.

Julian Epstein
Attorney Julian Epstein brings over 15 years of Capitol Hill experience to LMG, serving as the former Chief Counsel for the House Judiciary Committee, and previously, as Chief of Staff for the House Government Reform Committee. Julian was Chief Counsel during the momentous impeachment proceedings in 1998 and was lead counsel for numerous telecommunications, intellectual property, antitrust, counter-terrorism, civil rights and other legislation. He is a frequent guest on the television talk show circuit, appearing regularly on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, and NBC. His published works appear in law journals, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and various magazines.
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Casey Murray
Communications Associate
Casey Murray brings diverse state and local political experience to LMG, having spent two years working in Arizona politics prior to moving to DC. As a Regional Political Director for Arizona List, Casey worked on over a dozen campaigns, providing candidates with a wide range of support in grassroots engagement, digital campaigning, crisis management, and campaign strategy. Prior to this, Casey gained an aptitude for grassroots politics managing a variety of local campaigns in Southern Arizona.
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Eric Jotkoff
Vice President
Eric Jotkoff was the Florida Communications Director for President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, where he oversaw all media relations, strategic planning, rapid response, and policy outreach, while also serving as the main spokesperson for the campaign in the state. He previously served as the Communications Director for the Florida Democratic Party and worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign, John Kerry's 2004 campaign, and in senior positions on the Hill and in various congressional and gubernatorial campaigns.
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Joshua Bak-Brevik
Communications Director
Joshua Bak-Brevik combines communications experience from the Hill, campaign and private sectors. Starting out working for the Bush Presidential Center he learned how to connect with both sides of the aisle and, on the Hill, he worked with legislative teams to translate complicated bills and political issues to constituents in swing districts. He used similar techniques to promote democratic values while organizing Penn State for the DNC in 2016 -- one of the largest campuses in the United States.
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Sam Sokol
Senior Vice President
Marrying the worlds of politics, policy, law, and communications, Sam brings over 15 years of experience handling the highest stakes governmental and private sector controversies to LMG. Prior to joining the firm, he served as Chief Oversight Counsel for the House Judiciary Committee Democratic staff, with responsibility for executive branch oversight and a wide range of national security, antitrust, IP, and criminal justice legislation. That work was highlighted by high profile investigations into alleged politicization of the Department of Justice, review of executive branch surveillance and interrogation practices, and a historic executive privilege lawsuit that resulted in the depositions of Karl Rove and Harriet Miers. Prior to joining the Committee, Sam was a litigator at WilmerHale representing Fortune 500 firms across the technology, energy, defense, financial, agriculture and other sectors.
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Ted Kalo
Attorney Ted Kalo brings 15 years of political experience to LMG, most recently serving as the General Counsel for the House Judiciary Committee. As General Counsel, he was deeply involved in many political and policy negotiations that have resulted in landmark legislation and directed the Committee’s communications efforts. With experience managing a staff of 40 lawyers, he negotiated updates to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, reauthorization of the Satellite Home Viewer Act, a major overhaul of patent law and the USA PATRIOT Act and its subsequent reauthorizations. In 2009, Ted was named one of the top 40 lawyers under the age of 40 in the Washington, DC area and a “Rising Star” in the DC legal community by the National Law Journal and the Legal Times. Ted served as Executive Director for the musicFIRST Coalition from 2011-2016. He is currently the Executive Director for Content Creators Coalition, a non-profit, artist-run, advocacy organization.
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Tim McCann
Vice President
Tim McCann has spent nearly 15 years leading strategic communications, public policy and marketing campaigns for political candidates, technology startups and on Capitol Hill. Tim previously served as Chief of Staff to U.S. Rep. Frank Kratovil (D-MD), navigating the Congressman’s team through seismic debates on the Affordable Care Act, the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, and the American Clean Energy & Security Act. Tim has also spent several cycles as campaign manager on some of the nation’s most highly targeted congressional races. In between political races, Tim spent several years in marketing, product development and international operations roles for venture backed technology startups in the DC area.
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