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a new level of communications

How We Work

LMG is a new type of public affairs firm redefining the art of corporate and political campaigning. LMG consists of attorneys with expertise in public policy, communications specialists, and experts in coalition-building and campaign organization. LMG has played a leading role in numerous federal and state public policy campaigns on behalf of Fortune 100 companies in the media, telecommunications, financial services, defense and aerospace industries, among others.

Most public affairs firms are “stovepipes” which specialize in discrete issues such as traditional lobbying, media buys, or often merely purchasing grassroots relationships with the clients’ funds. By contrast, LMG uses a “political campaign model” that integrates expertise in the subject matter, message development, aggressive, research-driven paid and earned media, on-the-ground coalition building, preparation of analytical and other policy papers, and a host of next-generation services such as viral and online campaigns, all geared towards executing a seamless, unified and effective mission. In short, we bring together all the strategic, substantive and relationship building skills necessary to conceive and execute a complete campaign on behalf of a corporate client.

Our goal is to dominate the media environment on behalf of the client. We work on a 24-hour clock and place rapidity and quality of response above all else. By design, our team is led by experts who have had decades of experience managing the highest profile campaigns – for presidential candidates, U.S. senators, governors, members of Congress and leading corporate clients.

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